Stocking Your Pantry for Winter

Patty Getz

Frugal Families

Some of us have the stocking bug year around. We become nervous and agitated when our resources drop below a 6 month supply. We have the sudden urge to go running to the store, to replenish our dwindling supplies.

Then there are others of us- that see September approaching and realize in panic, that we might not make it thru the week let alone thru the winter!! Again we have the sudden urge to race to the grocery store, especially if we live in an area that gets a lot of winter weather. The problem with that is, without proper planning and careful buying, we defeat one of the purposes, of stocking, to save money. All is not lost though, with careful planning you can restock your pantry before the snow sets in or at least to be be ready for next winter. Read more »

Saving Money with Coupons

Donna Cassen

Thrifty Mom

Coupons Can Save You money If used correctly coupons can save you a lot of money on your grocery bill. It's quite easy to get hooked on clipping coupons and getting used to big savings. I first got hooked on coupon savings a few years ago, I saw a coupon for Tide and since it was the only detergent that my baby at the time was not allergic too and they had a sale at our local grocery store and I saved 50 cents, and I was hooked. Now I clip coupons and save an average of about 40% off of our food budget thru careful shopping and watching all the sales every week. I am not loyal to any particular brands, most of the time I just buy the no-name or store brand for most things since it is the least expensive, but a lot of the time a good sale and a few coupons and I get a great deal. I find most of my coupons in the paper, some thru free surveys I have filled out, a ton of free coupons that I print off the internet, and quite a few from friends who think I am off my rocker but indulge me anyway.:-) Read more »

Couponing 101: Saving Money Clipping Coupons

Kim Rowley

You've probably stood in a checkout line behind someone who has a coupon for every item they've purchased, and it seems like eternity until they are finished. But, they probably saved over 50% to 80% off their grocery bill in that few minutes!

How, you ask?

A Well Stocked Pantry Contains

Patty Getz
Frugal Families

A Have you ever wondered how some people keep their food bills down so low? Have you tried to learn their secrets, only to find that your store does not double coupons, or you just don’t have the time to clip coupons for foods you don’t really eat anyway. Read more »

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