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5 ways for your family to save on Internet shopping

Prasad Kopanati XemanteX

Save at least 200 dollars for 1000 dollars of shopping- that is 20% of the total money spent. With common sense and little prudence you can save hundreds of dollars on your holiday shopping bills. From my past experiences, I have chosen the five best practices that will give you the maximum savings. Peruse them, put them into action and email me your numbers on savings. Read more »

Save Money On Your Grocery Bill

Shannon Jarvies Debt Management Program

Save Money On Your Grocery Bill

We've all heard about certain ways to cut your grocery bill like
avoiding the grocery store when you're hungry, using coupons on
double coupons day, and buying only the items on your list. These
are all good tips and we should keep using them. However, I've
found a few pointers that might help you save even more on your
grocery bill. Read more »

An Abundance of Plastic Bags!

Catherine Pulsifer
Stress Less Country-a lifestyle change!

Every time you go to a store you receive plastic bags. Every time you buy bread you end up with a plastic bag. Over the run of a year it is amazing how many plastic bags you can end up with! Below are some suggestions for recycling and reusing these bags: Read more »

Stocking Your Pantry for Winter

Patty Getz

Frugal Families

Some of us have the stocking bug year around. We become nervous and agitated when our resources drop below a 6 month supply. We have the sudden urge to go running to the store, to replenish our dwindling supplies.

Then there are others of us- that see September approaching and realize in panic, that we might not make it thru the week let alone thru the winter!! Again we have the sudden urge to race to the grocery store, especially if we live in an area that gets a lot of winter weather. The problem with that is, without proper planning and careful buying, we defeat one of the purposes, of stocking, to save money. All is not lost though, with careful planning you can restock your pantry before the snow sets in or at least to be be ready for next winter. Read more »

Making and Using a Price Book

One way to be sure you're getting the most for your money when you go grocery shopping is to make sure you're getting the best price you can on the items you purchase. Whether this means shopping around at different stores, or taking advantage of sales to stock up on the things you use regularly, you have to know what makes a deal a good deal. This is where having a price book comes in handy. Read more »

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